I started using this skin care line about 2 months ago the Citrus Facial Wash: gently washes away impurities without stripping the skin. This statement is true! It lathers up and is very gentle, my face feels smooth and clean, not tight after washing with this cleanser. Now you’re face is ready for treatment.


*High Potency Amine Face Lift: A powerful scientifically formulated to help the skin appear more lifted and firm, visibly improving contours of the face while smoothing the appearance of deep wrinkles and minimizing discoloration and age spots from sun damage. (cost $98)    * High Potency Evening Repair: A powerful night treatment minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores, unveiling skin’s natural radiance. Both treatments are to be applied in the evening in a circular motion. Before starting these treatments my face was dull with dark spots on the sides of my face. I started noticing a difference in the appearance of my skin within the 3rd week of use! My face had a glow to it, the dark spots were fading, I was using less makeup to cover up. (cost $98)


*Photo Plasma: A luxurious oil-free moisturizer cream that creates an invisible shield against environmental aggressors, guards against UVA/UVB damage. light-weight in texture and glides on skin smoothly and evenly, leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant. Smooth over your entire face on top of any treatment. I love this facial cream, I even use it on the backs of my hands. The corners of my lips were extremely dry no matter what I used, despite the 8 glasses of water I drink daily. My forehead and the top of my nose had dry spots as well. No more dry areas on my face! This cream is luxurious to say the least. Very light, I love it this ones a keeper! (cost $69)   *Cold Plasma Sub-D a revolutionary treatment designed to address the appearance of loss of elasticity along the contours of the jaw-line and chin while smoothing the look of vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the neck and decolletage. To be applied to the jaw-line, neck and just above the breast area. I’ve lost over 30lbs. and was looking for a cream to tighten up my skin and keep it contoured. Again, I am happy with the results my neck and jaw-line are smooth, no wrinkled skin! (cost $135)

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*Cold Plasma Body: formulated to help firm,  tighten and tone the appearance of loose skin while smoothing imperfections and hydrating for a gorgeous, radiant glow. Minimizes the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin on thighs and buttocks and revitalizes the look of dehydrated, crepey and saggy skin. To be applied day/night to cleansed skin. I would have to say that this product has not yet delivered on its promise. I am 1/2 way through the bottle, if I see  o improvements in my thigh and buttocks area this cream will disappoint me terribly. (cost $98)


OK aging is not fun, do we have to age gracefully accepting all the wrinkles, discolorations and saggy ugly skin that may comes with it? I think not!    All of these skin care products can be found on http://www.perriconemd.com