Assets Red Hot Label Hi-Waisted Shaping Tights by Spanx, sure this is a mouthful but this super control shaping pantyhose is truly amazing. The first time I heard of Spanx was while watching a review of all the glamorous fashion worn on the red carpet before an awards show. Starlets dressed in their academy best are photographed and admired by millions on how beautiful and incredibly put together they look, it was then the question emerged “How does she look so perfect in that skin tight dress”? The answer: Spanx. In 2000 the maker of Spanx set out to make the perfect pair of tights by adding a shaper! These tights have rounded toes, a powerful shaper that stretches up the torso and rests just below the bra line. Spanx has truly taken the traditional pair of tights to new heights with a perfect combination of nylon/spandex it flattens your tummy area, firms the hips, thighs and rear. Try this one out, I can not say enough about them. I bought one pair a little over a month ago and went back for two more,  costs about $25 at your local department store. I highly recommend these shaping and firming tights, they can be worn under a dress, skirt, pants,even a one piece jumpsuit. Trust me I’ve worn it under it all! No matter if your a size 4 or 24 we all want that perfect silhouette. Stay true to size and you won’t be sorry. Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted product photo Product Packaging T270