I love healthy looking lips, they say a lot about a person some examples of this fact are below: 

Cracked lips: Cracks at the side of the mouth also known as (angular cheilitis) are sometimes due to anemia, which occurs when there is a shortage of iron in the body. Cracks can also be a sign of diabetes, because the high level of blood glucose which accompanies the disease encourages the growth of candida, a yeast-like infection which typically attacks the thin dermis at the corners of the mouth.

Burning lips: This can be a sign of depression. There is a huge amount of sensory equipment in the brain, which can become overly sensitive when there is a psychological imbalance.

Chapped lips: Persistently sore, chapped lips can indicate an allergy. This can swell the lips slightly, which causes the skin to crack and peel. The irritant could be anything from dentist’s gloves to lipstick or peanuts. Pay attention to your cosmetics and consider an allergy test.

We’re constantly looking for that miracle product to make our lips look and feel amazing. Perricone MD Lip Plumper claims to hydrate and plump up lips, diminish fine lines around the lips, contours and defines, enhances natural lip color and made without synthetic fragrances or dyes. I read several reviews about this lip plumper and every one of them said how moisturizing this product was to the lips.  Who wouldn’t want all these benefits promised from one little tube? Once I got this little tube of wonder home I applied it to my clean, dry lips. What a disappointment! The worst $35 I ever spent! The substance inside was the consistency of a watered down lotion. There was nothing hydrating, soothing or moisturizing about this product.  Don’t waste your time on this one. I’m sticking to my natural organic coconut oil. Back to the drawing board with this one Dr. Perricone and back you go tube of let down.


My lips are just fine without you.